Wow! 2020, living during a global pandemic has been quite a journey. We are so thankful for each other and trying to stay connected when possible. Our board meetings sure looked different this year (with the use of Zoom). Unfortunately, so many plans had to be scrapped. Our annual Sprint for Life 5k went virtual, so we didn't have an opportunity to celebrate each other's fellowship. Love Soong also was also planning to host a picnic, however with Covid numbers rising we decided against these activities.  

2020 has been one for the history books, but also this year, our own board member Patty officially became a front-line medical worker as a registered nurse.

LoveSoong logoIn the end, we decided to remind our contributors of the importance and value of our health. We updated our logo and were so excited to mail out customized teal, neoprene double-layered Love Soong masks for the winter holidays.

$1000 was donated by Love Soong to the Sprint for Life foundation and we are looking forward to awarding scholarships come 2021! Stay healthy, safe and cherish your precious time together. 


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