2019 End of the Year

2019, what a blur. Part of grieving is to celebrate in love, but there is often times the anger and grief that may shut some people out. We apologize for the lack of call to action this year. To all of our friends, family, co-workers, and supporters -- thank you so much for donating to Love Soong or contributing your time and energy. We are forever thankful.

Unfortunately, we did not receive valid scholarship applications this year. Please spread the word if you know and help us connect with medical students!

宋愛 race team at the 22nd Sprint for Life 5k

Love Soong friends and family at the 22nd annual MD Anderson Sprint for Life 5K on May 4. Our generous morning meet-up location hosts, Tiffany E and Jonas C were pumped up for our walk/run in Shelley’s memory! For each registered runner OR donor, Love Soong made an additional $50 donation for each team participant.

$1,939.05 was donated by Love Soong to the Sprint for Life foundation. 


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