A tribute to Shelley.

“I love you every day. And now I will miss you every day.”

― Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Shelley Soong was an amazingly kind person, beautiful inside and out. She raised two daughters to be independent strong women and instilled her adventurous spirit in both. She came to the USA by herself at 23 years old and completed her MS degree in Math and Computer Science at Texas A&I (Texas A&M Kingsville). She received her BS degree in Psychology at Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan.

必華是一位令人感動的和藹親切的人,內外皆美。她扶養兩個女兒,教養她們成為像她一樣獨立堅強有冒險精神的女性。必華23歲獨自來美國,就讀Texas A&I (Texas A&M Kingsville) 完成她數學與電腦科技的碩士學位。她是在台灣台北輔仁天主教大學取得教心學士學位。

Life put our family to the test when she was diagnosed with stage IV primary peritoneal cancer in June 2015. She kept a positive outlook despite the challenges that cancer brought. Fortunately, her loving husband of 35 years could be with her every step of her cancer-fighting journey.


Shelley was always worrying about others. Prior to her sickness, she donated both her time and money to many volunteer organizations. She also knew she was the glue that held her family together. Therefore, she decided to keep the family united, even in passing. She has tasked us to establish a memorial scholarship fund that will provide monetary assistance to medical students researching gynecological cancer.


We had planned as a family to go on one last road-trip, but even in the end, she did not want her family and friends to be burdened. Sunday night before we were to check out of the hospital the next morning, she told her husband that there was no more time left. Shelley peacefully departed this world at the age of 63 on Tuesday night October 31st at 6:30. She is finally at rest, and we hold her close in our memories and hearts. Forever a generous soul, Shelley has donated her body to UT-Health medical research. Her family hopes to receive her within a year and plan to visit her bucket-list trip locations to spread her ashes.

我們原本計畫全家人共同執行最後一次的公路之旅,即是到最後的關鍵時刻,必華不要她的親朋有旅途負擔。因此要出院的前一晚星期日,她告訴她丈夫時間不多了,不要計畫。必華於10月31日星期二晚上6點半安祥辭世,享年63歲。她已往生,我們緊緊的把她留存在記憶與心裡。永遠是一個寬宏大量的靈魂,必華捐獻她的大體給UT-HEALTH 醫學研究中心。必華家人希望一年內能把她接回來,計劃把骨灰分別灑在她人生終結目標清單的拜訪景點。

Shelley loved discovering the world through food and travel. Our family will be hosting a celebration in honor of her life on Saturday, November 18th at our home. We will provide all of mom's favorite snacks, foods, desserts and play her favorite music.



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  1. This is the most moving and incredible way to be honored – what a smart, selfless woman and what great, strong daughters she raised to seamlessly carry on her legacy and honor her so beautifully. I’m so glad you posted thus tribute to her so we can learn more about her life and legacy.

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